Jewelry by Gauthier to bring unique creations to Santa Barbara

Over the past 20 years, Scott Gauthier has become one of the most renowned and recognized high-end jewelry designers in the country. Soon his award-winning work will be on display locally, as Santa Barbara has been selected as the site for Gauthier’s third brick-and-mortar store. Jewelry by Gauthier has leased the 1,560 square foot space at 921 State Street, formerly occupied by Paper Star.

“Jewelry by Gauthier offers one-of-a-kind, handcrafted creations and is the sort of store that helps preserve the unique character of downtown Santa Barbara,” said Michael Martz of Hayes Commercial Group who, along with Kristopher Roth, represented Gauthier in the lease.

“It is exciting to have such a high-caliber designer choose to open a store on a prime block of State Street,” Roth added.

Scott Gauthier designs and molds each piece himself, favoring a clean and modern aesthetic, accented with some of the world’s most precious and rare gemstones. Each piece is designed and crafted by hand, a process that has been compared to Cartier and Tiffany, in their early years.

Gauthier’s designs have been recognized with numerous awards that have earned international acclaim. He is a four-time winner of the Spectrum Award, an international competition sponsored by the American Gem Trade Association, and is the youngest designer to ever receive the honor.

“Over the years my family and I have had the opportunity to make Santa Barbara our primary vacation location, and we have made many wonderful memories together here,” Gauthier said. “I have decided not only to expand our business here, but also to buy a home and enjoy this wonderful ‘gem’ of a city on a full time basis. We are excited to be a part of such a special community.”

Gauthier has a 10,000 square foot store in the center of downtown Scottsdale, Arizona, and his studio/shop there is also open to the public. Gauthier prides itself on bringing jewelry back to an art form and offering clients the opportunity to “Wear Art.”

“Every day for over 20 years I have challenged myself to create exciting, unique and beautiful jewelry,” Gauthier continued. “When I think of Santa B